My daughter reminded me what Christmas is.

I asked her what if Santa does not have a gift for her. Β Will she be sad? or angry? Her honest response. “No. It is Jesus’ birthday. He has given me the greatest gift — my life.”

For God so loved the world, that He gave His begotten son…

Let’s not forget the true essence of Christmas.

Happy Christmas everyone!


Jan 5, 2017

Hello 2017.

Will try to update, change and share more often. πŸ™‚
God bless and Take care!

Wanted Family

I’m a single parent with a 7-year old child. Given a chance, I would like her to have another sibling to grow old with, to have someone to to be there for her aside from me. If ever I’m financially and emotionally stable, I’m considering to adopt. Not because, I wanted to, but I feel like, there’s someone out there who needed me as much as we needed him/her.


If you like to help, search and contact foundations like

Realize. Empathize. Actualize

I just bought a new pair of eyeglasses over a thousand pesos. And it’s for spare.

Watching this documentary pulled my feet to the ground. I forgot to give and not to spend too much on unnecessary items. I’ll charge it to experience. But now, I want to share this documentary. One of the eye-opening film about parents who still dreams and do all their best for their children regardless of their status in life.


If you like to help, you can search and contact:Β Project Malasakit



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