Greatness Starts @Home: my techie little kid


I don’t know if it’s proper but every time my daughter cries we comfort her by saying “Halika laro tayo ng I-touch!” (Come on, let’s play I-touch), and this will do the trick.


My daughter, Ysa, is 2 years and 6 months old and she appreciates plants vs zombies and temple run more than i do. Her bonding time with her dad is either playing basketball in the playground or playing basketball using the PSP.

Yes, we made her aware of the new things that this generation can offer. It’s also a way to have quality time, to bond with her and to show that “Hey, we can be cool parents!”. I believe that it’s a way of closing the generation gap.

But will all the technology and gadgets, there’s nothing beat a good conversation over a good meal while teaching and reminding her that, “Hey, we are here, talk to us about anything under the sun.”.

This our way of slowly but surely opening up the world for her to see and ofcourse, everything starts at home.

Her hunger for exploring new things can be fed by all this gadgets, but as always, there are limitations. As parents, appreciation and knowing this things are a sneak peak of where our child is headed, what things she’ll probably face. With all this, it’s also our responsibility to show them that life is more than the cyberworld.

I believe in the concept that: “We are just guiding them, not doing what they are suppose to do.”.

I just hope we are gearing and guiding her up as to what her future might be.

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9 thoughts on “Greatness Starts @Home: my techie little kid”

  1. Don’t worry, you’ll do fine… it’s obvious that you care, and that is the most basic ingredient to add to love. And, if her smile, and the bright light of intelligence in her eyes, are any indication, you’re already doing more than fine… I’ve raised a son and daughter to adulthood, so I can recognize the signs…. πŸ™‚

  2. i’m actually a proud parent. πŸ™‚
    i always get praises from my relatives that I have a very bright kid. and her doctors say that she’s really that mature for her age. I can see and also feel it.

    I just pray that she enjoys her childhood more than I did. πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for “liking” my stories. Your daughter is beautiful…this coming from a guy that has 5 beautiful little grandsons (all under 5 years old). They all love the iPod touch too. All except the 2 month old – but I’m sure he will soon enough.

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