February 2012: taken at a souvenir shop in Mines View Park

Bulul is a wooden carved figure that is believed to guard rice crops.


14 thoughts on “bulul

  1. I like this. I will be releasing a Taiwan gallery on cyleodonnell.com shortly that I think you will like. I found this neat little “flea market” in the south of my city, Kaohsiung, that has a lot of these neat little carvings/figures opportunities.

  2. ok! i’ll keep checking you blog. by the way, i saw the documentary! 🙂 also spread it to my friends, they just went to pinatubo for a trail. 🙂

  3. i wish i could afford an iPhone and iPad. 🙂
    your shots are nice!
    i had a blog before, a personal one, and all my shot was from my then, nokia phone. 🙂

    just want to share, when we started a photography organization, i have no camera at hand, we we’re borrowing from friends and our mentors said “it is not with the tools you use but with the passion and love for photography.” 🙂

    it’s capturing those moments and things we want to remember. 🙂

  4. I like that saying! true that, I tend to go to some pretty crazy lengths to get a good shot. I’ve even had people ask me why I’m hanging upside down with an iPhone in hand lol! the places it takes you 🙂

  5. You bet! I took a ton of pictures this weekend that I will be attaching to my poems and quotes, it’s kind of an addiction. But hey, it’s a healthy one right? 🙂

  6. yes it is 🙂

    keep it up! i’m still browsing your site 🙂
    as for me, i’ll try to organize my thoughts so that my blogs are not that clustered. lol. :))

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