trees – part 2

trees - part 2

February 2012: taken at Baguio City

if i were represented as an element, you know the earth, wind, fire, water and heart (when these are combined we create, Captain Planet!, no just kidding!), I’ll probably be an earth element.

i grew up near the mountains. although i don’t hike nor trek, there’s something innate in me. like when we did our bivouac (back in high school is like military training), i enjoyed the rappel, walking and the trail and i enjoyed the camping. my first time i did, archery, we were om the mountains, maybe it was just luck, but I almost hit the bull eye. there’s just something that calms me whenever i’m surrounded by trees.

maybe in my past life a was a traveler of some sorts.
anyways, i;m just sharing my likes. πŸ™‚


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