2,800 days

i must warn you, this is something personal.

forgive me but i’ll post our pictures. no need to be anonymous anyways. 🙂


this is us, approximately…

7 years and 8 months… or

92 months… or

2,800 days ago.

We’re still young, actually. But I know we’ve been through a lot.

I don’t really know why I’m posting this. I posted a letter for him in my other blog. Maybe this is another way for me to say that, I really loved, love and will love this guy.

We are exact opposite, antonyms from each other, maybe reciprocates one another.

I was a weird, geeky girl who likes to collect books and bookmarks, who enjoys watching cartoons and tv series, who rants about politics and who daydreams a lot. He was a pleaser guy who joins every organization in school, who wants to go out with friends, who plays computer games all night long and who just goes with the flow. one thing in common, we both like photography. that’s how we met.

i won’t tell how we ended up with each other, ’cause it’s just too cheesy, or what challenges that we have faced and currently facing ’cause I may cry. lol.

I just want to say that people change. We actually changed. And it amazes me!

Here we are now, two thousand and eight hundred days later.

I hate numbers (although I’m an analyst) but 2,800 days!

Just also want to share that he’s the first man that I love, hopefully the last. ❤

Now we’re two people trying to make a name of our own but still shares one commonality: love for our child.

I don’t really know how we did it. I know it’s nothing compare to those having silver anniversaries or having a lifetime commitment.

Forgive me. But I can’t comprehend how did we do it.

I’m still praying that our happily ever after is still in progress.

Lord, guide us and thank you in advance. amen.

happy 92nd monthsary, bee. ❤


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