where are the buses?

where are the buses?

March 2012: Last friday, I was thinking to capture some pictures on the way home. Like a journal, what route do I take and all. And I forgot it’s payday friday for most employees and last friday before the holy week. So there were no buses. So many people waiting, running towards available buses just to get home on time. I was too tired to take shots and was afraid my camera would be snatched. LOL! I got out of the office at 6pm I got home around 8:30pm. 2 and a half hours which was supposed to be an hour journey.

By the way, the week before, I experienced the same thing, I normally wait for a bus in Ayala Station Makati, since there were no buses, I walked towards Buendia Ave, maybe I walked almost kilometer before I was able to ride a bus. Goodness!


4 thoughts on “where are the buses?”

  1. I know that .. feeling about waiting for a bus – living in Belfast … they never turned up, and that happen nearly every second day. There will be post eventually about that. Terrible when public transport don’t work ..

  2. Yes, here in the Philippines, well, we are known for the terrible traffic but I think they are doing something about it. There are just so many road constructions lately. It’s either because they are just doing their jobs or because the election is near. LOL!

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