let me hold your hand

let me hold your hand

2011: Children grow so fast. When she came into the world, she can barely hold our little fingers, now she can tap, touch, squeeze, pinch and hug.

I never expected that motherhood would be this hard but so fulfilling. I keep thinking my fears as a mother: Will I ever disappoint her? Can I give her the life that she deserves? Can I open all the possibilities in the world and let her choose whatever she wants to be? Can I protect her from the harshness of the world? Can I equip her with all the values to face this crazy world? Will she be happy and contented with her life?

Like I said before, I am afraid of taking risks, afraid to make mistakes. I just hope I’m doing the right thing for my child. I know that the saying is true: Nothing, nothing in the world, a mother can not do for her child.

I’m afraid but I’m enjoying the journey of motherhood. It’s not about her learning from me, but me learning because of her. She’s like a little teacher. Life shouldn’t be that complicated. I learned it from her. Loving someone so deeply and unconditional, what could go wrong?

Everything difficult will be as light as feather if you do it for love.

Ah, my little angel. No words can say how I see and feel for her. I love her so much.


13 thoughts on “let me hold your hand”

  1. What you can do for your child is to be yourself and true to your heart. With children there is not lessons to take and there isn’t like a perfect parent. Because all parents makes mistakes along the way. Don’t worry to much … just give her love and be there for her.

  2. Just continue giving her that kind of love and she will never forget the lessons that come with it.. I have a three-year-old boy and no matter how harsh things can get in my life, he is always the reason why I smile at the end of the day. 🙂

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