children’s books should not make parents cry

children books should not make parents cry

March 2012: I make it a point to read to my daughter before she goes to sleep. Last week, we bought her new books. Her dad says that she is like me– a bookworm. πŸ™‚

One of the books is entitled, “Ang Aking Angel” (“My Little Angel”). That night, we, my hubby and I, read this book to her and we both cried.

It’s a story of conception to giving birth, of how parents struggles and shows their love for their child until the child grows up and be parents themselves.

Our daughter, she is our little angel and she fills us with pure love.

Because I love you, anak*. I can never leave you. Whatever happens, I am always by your side, waiting for you. For I will not allow you to go through any hardship, or let anyone hurt you.

For I am your mother– your first and last ally through any problems you shall have to face. Even as days or many seasons should go by, I will never leave you…

For you are the reason why I am here… and I will never disappear.

*anak – child

This just shows every parent’s promise and commitment to their child.


6 thoughts on “children’s books should not make parents cry”

  1. This book will also make you cry and smile: Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. I first read this when I was a teen and it’s still one of my favorites.

  2. No …. children books should make children cry !!! Remember when I was young and in Sunday school they showed very often a film – it was so sad and we kids where crying our eye out. Not good … I was so upset over that film every time I seen it. Kids should be able to be kids so long as possible, soon enough the world catch up with them. No wonder kids – take their own life as teenagers – when we feed them with all this “crap” that goes on in the world from that they are 3. Let kids be kids and let them be happy.

  3. Yes! i believe at Santa too until we caught them wrapping our gifts! haha!

    When I was young, my family would let us write a letter to Santa. Because we don’t have a chimney, we would wonder if he was true… what they did, they would tape the package/gift on the door and there would be a letter from Santa saying, I can’t come in! hahaha!

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