fast turn

April 2012: Somewhere in Lawton Ave, Taguig.

Last Thursday, my hubby and I walked from my office to the mall. It’s far yes, but it’s our bonding time… walking, going to streets we don’t know, exploring while talking about anything. We’re going through some rough time but we need to make this work. It’s not because we don’t have a choice because it’s what married people do. I know we want to make this work because we still love each other in our own ways. πŸ™‚

Fast turn. We don’t have time to waste. We’re still in the process of being mature… both of us. If it’s a destination in one’s life, we need to finish this journey.. fast. Our little girl is growing and with our current resources/ situation, we both know we still lack, we are not yet equip… yet… Maybe I’m too idealistic but who doesn’t want the best for their child?

fast turn. I know I’m going to that turn. I hope that he is with me to take that turn.


5 thoughts on “fast turn”

  1. that i know. it’s difficult for us. he works in graveyard shift and i’m in the day time. Our day-offs are different also. When I come home, I’ll cook dinner and wake him cause he’s gonna go to work. When I leave for office, he’s on the way back home.

    I keep bugging him to look for another daytime job. But it’s hard for him. The sacrifices we have to make. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m sure … he will take the same turn as you do, but keep on talking. Learned something many years ago … when you talk about important things and unpleasant things … always touch somehow – like holding each other’s hand or put arm over his shoulders. Just so the closeness is very present. It works and it’s easier to talk about the tough issues.

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