side walk

side walk

April 2012

on your side i’ll walk
dark, sunny, rainy
i’ll just be here.

sometimes you feel
the coldness, the shame, the sadness
but i’ll just be here

maybe i have a broken leg
but still i’m trying to walk with you
i’ll just be here

we may meet some crossroads
i hope you don’t choose the other path
i’ll stop and i’ll just be here,

i’ve waited for you, you came back
and now you’re lost again
this time, i’m trying to stay and just be here

still trying. still waiting.
but i’m growing tired
but i think i’ll still be here.

the signs are changing
maybe i need to go on
and just be on the way

madness, sadness lures
pounding heart and soul
but i’m still here

maybe while i walk, i hope you’ll catch up
i’ll pray that when that time come you’ll be able to smile and say
i’ll just be here for you.


4 thoughts on “side walk”

  1. yes. i just thought i write some words. when we walked here, i was thinking, would he still be there for me after all the things that we’ve been through or could i still be there for him… something like that… sorry if i’m too personal…

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