acceptance of a lost child

acceptance of a lost child

February 2012: taken from MV Logos Hope

I always think that I’m a lost child. I know the laws, rules, commandments, the right from wrong… but there are times that when we are to face a difficult decision, at times, I always choose the lesser evil.

I have a long list on my Regret List.

I am now trying not make it longer than it already is. I wanna be happy. Real happy.

Maybe I’m a lost child still trying to find comfort and security. Until I find it, I’ll be good girl, woman, lady. 🙂


9 thoughts on “acceptance of a lost child”

  1. It’s natural to human to find comfort and security. Perhaps it goes with our will to live and survive. You are right, when we are in a situation that’s too difficult to decide what’s right or wrong some people choose the lesser evil like you. But me, I always choose the wrong one. Hah! Kaloka noh? hehe

  2. i believe it is not with length of time but the significant experiences that teach us the lessons in life.

    🙂 i learned that i should enjoy the journey while i can, we don’t know what will happen on the next day.

  3. haha! ayos lang yun! 🙂
    minsan nagiging standard na eh. parang “okey lang yan, ginagawa naman ng iba eh’ kahit mali.

    ayokong magsisi na lalo na may baby na ko.

    I don’t want my child to suffer the consequences of my actions. 🙂

    so, good girl ako… kuno… hehe 🙂

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