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orange light

orange light

April 2012: i just want to post something. This is taken at Pancake House. My fave color is orange. LOL.


7 thoughts on “orange light

  1. thank you!
    i do carry a camera but i’m too shy to take pictures of people in the street. i take picture if someone else is with me. πŸ™‚

  2. When I was taking a photo class, one of the assignments was to go up to a stranger and ask if you could take their picture. You had to make contact, couldn’t just sneak the shot. I couldn’t do it. Talk about being shy. Still not sure if I could.

  3. i think i once asked to take a picture but not a portrait… the picture with the book sold on the street… hopefully i can have a portfolio of portrait of different people, total strangers, that i will (i hope) meet on the streets.

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