a little light

a little light

it’s my birthday.
i should be happy but i’m not.

i’m actually, crying right now.

i posted this photo to make myself think that there will always be a light, even though it’s hiding. there will always be hope.



9 thoughts on “a little light”

  1. Tears are good at times – and we have the same right to them as we have to our laughter’s – but we have to laugh more then we cry … you will be okay – promise you, even if it take a while. Remember it’s also in your own attitude if you’re going to have a good day – or a bad day.

  2. a friend said i should be happy… i tried actually.

    funny, first day that i’m 26 yrs old, my office mate greeted me, “pumayat ka ata” (i don’t know the exact translation, “you lost weight.”)
    i’m a bit chubby right now so i took this as a compliment.. haha! πŸ™‚

    and you’re right, sometimes it’s all in the perspective. πŸ™‚

  3. Glad you’re smiling – and things will get better … one day you will wake up without that pressure over your chest. Start to plan for your single life – pack his things and make room for yourself. There is a musical song .. by title, “I’m gonna to wash man out my hair” from South Pacific.. just do that.

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