thank you!

thank you!

April 2012

i think the image is too small but there is a woman holding her child here while walking along the beach.

i share this too all my readers and to those who responds to my posts, you’re all like a mother who cradles a child. 🙂

i didn’t plan to make this like a journal but i appreciate the acknowledgement through the awards and nominations (i’ve got two posted and another two to be done)

i really appreciate it.

this day, even though i’m a bit sad, i chose to be an appreciation day. i’m thankful and grateful for the past 26 years of my life, for the people took care of me, for the lessons that I’ve been taught, to the experiences that cultivate me to (i think) a good person that i am now.

i still believe in miracles and magic.

i still believe that love can conquer it all.

and i still believe when you truly love someone, no sacrifice or action is too hard enough, it will weigh like a feather smoothly flying against the wind.

i really appreciate the strangers that become my companions here in this blog and my other blogs. thank you for liking, sharing or reblogging.

thank you lord for answering my prayers. i’m not really a good daughter to you but i know i have faith. thank you for listening and being there.

smile people. 🙂


6 thoughts on “thank you!”

  1. hi sid. crazy as it sounds but i’m sad because of my marriage, i’m happy with the people supporting me.

    don’t really want this attention and all but i don;t know. i like to write and for the first time i’m actually talking about some sensitive things, the peak of the iceberg of my life.

    thank you again.

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