yes, they will

May 2012

i was reading a book and this got me.

what i learned so far: life will give you trials to overcome and in each trials, you have something to gain– may it be knowledge, belief, new or dismounted theories, friends, experience, something new about yourself.

it may not change the person you are, but something will definitely change.

my mind doesn’t want to stop thinking. i want my life back then. so peaceful. surviving but contented.

i am not in a position to say what i want or say “this is what i deserve” or “i deserve better.”

nobody deserve something.

i am not a religious person but this life is just lent to us. we must make the most of it but know your purpose.

now, i am a mother to my angel, a daughter to my parents, a friend to a friend, relative to my relatives, a colleague to my past and present officemates, a citizen of my country and a wife to my husband.

all these roles, it is my belief that i should do good, be thankful for them.

’cause these people, may they’re rich or poor, you like or dislike, one way or another, they had an impact and touched your life. and you should do good, treat them good. don’t be burden. they may not care for you like you do, but do good. it think God, because of this belief, blessed me.

i may rant about marriage or my parents, but they’re all i got. these are the people i care about.

that’s my belief. ’cause in the end. these relationship are the only thing i got. not money nor riches. someone to lean on.

i think that the most important foundation in life. have the feeling you belong somewhere and someone cares for you.

these people are my riches. and i will always treasure them. whatever i feel, bottomline, we will always have each other, separated or not, i’ll always have their backs.


9 thoughts on “yes, they will”

  1. Totally agree with you that it’s important to belong somewhere – and we all do in some way – we have friends, family (most of us) and a life. Don’t mean to be bold, but to hold on to somewhere that don’t really are anymore – we shouldn’t have to do.

  2. You should go spend some money on yourself today, go get your hair done, buy a dress, get your nails painted. Do something to make yourself feel pretty and special again.

  3. i just don’t want to regret. 🙂
    anyways, i can make myself happy in some other things. like my work, my daughter and go back to my hobbies. 🙂

  4. yes! my best friend asked me to watch a concert. but i need to ask first if someone could take care of my daughter for a just few hours. 🙂

  5. thank you! yes, sometimes, we all have to go back to the basics. keep us grounded.

    i think i have this habit to think simple, you know what i mean. life is complicated enough, so why make it more unbearable. 🙂

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