towards the sunrise

towards the sunrise

April 2012

life is full of turning points, opportunities and chances.
some of us may missed it, or choose not to take it.
it is just a matter of contentment, honesty and happiness.
true, life is like a ferris wheel, sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down.

but whatever decisions or path you are to take.
make sure that you are happy. can’t say also make sure that you’re not hurting somebody else ’cause sometimes what makes us happy, can make others sad. that’s the bitter reality of life.

now, i think of choosing the lesser evil.

there will always be tomorrow to change, a chance to make it up. but don’t take time for granted, ’cause yesterday comes only once. and that once, will only be a memory that sometimes we regret.


8 thoughts on “towards the sunrise”

  1. Happiness is a big word … and I wish we could walk down our path being happy all the time, but I think there is more to life then that. Life gives and takes .. pain, hurt, laughter, happiness, love … and I also think it’s very difficult not cause hurt to somebody on our journey, but we should hurt on purpose.

  2. “whatever decisions or path you are to take.
    make sure that you are happy”

    Thank you for this. Reminds me to not be afraid to always strive for happiness, and not be content with an “average” life.

  3. Just found your blog will surely visit again! cause it has some fantastic photos. This one is a wonderful shot of the sunrise, and I’m a big fan of the sunset shots as well. I’ve recently posted about the shades of the sun on my own blog, check that out if you like.

  4. i’m trying to get out of my comfort zone. but i’m taking things slow. i have a child who’s going to be affected by my decisions. if my other half doesn’t care, well i do. so i’ll take all the pain but will give her a happy transition. like my mom did.

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