a new day

a new day

I’m currently listening to Celine Dion’s A New Day Has Come.
I’m kinda depress, wanting somebody or someone to share my happiness or sadness.

hmm, maybe i’m kinda feeling alone again. anyways, i’m about to go home and it rained really hard, so according to traffic news, it’s flooded again.

well, we all need to be hopeful. i started to watch this series, “dead like me”, it’s funny but it made me realize, i should get on with my life, i mean be happy ’cause time is of the essence. i’m not getting any younger and i’m too pre-occupied by my obligations and responsibilities. i’ve got many things that i regretted so i need to take some risk. yeah… i need to. i need to.

anyways, i’ll re-write my bucket list so one way or another i can feel some accomplishments. 🙂


2 thoughts on “a new day”

  1. There are times when it seems the most difficult thing is knowing whether ‘it’ is being selfish or is taking care of yourself. I’m confident you’re figuring it out.

    As always, your photos are fabulous.

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