one thousand likes!

June 2012

wow! in just two months! many thanks for those who like my posts. πŸ™‚

this really made me happy. πŸ™‚

they say i’m a lucky woman. last friday, i had a date with my closest friends for my late-birthday celebration. i’m kinda the financially-challenged among the group but i was blessed to have an extra money because of my over time work so the plan was, of course, to treat them.

i made a reservation in Marina, a seafood restaurant. but not all of my ‘barkada’ could come. anyways, as we where eating, a group of people entered looking for patrons who have a Citibank credit card giving a Citibank Surprise. Fortunately one of my friends have a Citibank card and she was given a chance to select a prize in a little box. and what was the surprise? Our dinner was free of charge! πŸ™‚ Of course, i was the happiest! hahaha!

next, we decided to have a dessert at Spoon, frozen yogurt dessert. i ordered for nine people and the cashier told me that they have an unspoken promo, buy 8 free 1! one froyo is free of charge. is it a coincidence or just sheer luck? hahaha!

of course there was crying and stuff but heck, i’m just too happy that i may not be happy in my relationship right now, but fate or whatever it is call has a way of making its amends of happiness.

simple things makes me happy. their wish for me is to have someone who cares for me, who’ll gonna sweep me off my feet. i think, that’s my birthday wish. someone who will love me dearly.


14 thoughts on “one thousand likes!”

  1. Congratulations to all your visitors and to a very great birthday evening. Wish you all the best for every day that will come to you from now on. Simple things are the biggest treasures !!!!

  2. What, what! You go girl! HEre’s another like to add to your collection πŸ˜‰

    Btw I just found out that my posts may not be showing up in my subscribers’ WordPress Readers if they had subscribed before I changed my domain name (which I did 3 weeks ago). So I am now having to send this message to every subscriber before that time if they could kindly unsubscribe & resubscribe to my blog, by just unclicking and clicking on the β€œFollowing” button at the top of my page

    I hate to bother everyone about this, but I really value your continued readership. Thank you so much and sorry for the inconvenience!! I really appreciate it!! πŸ™‚
    – Janice

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