my little angel

taken in April 2012, she is now 2 years and 9 months old.


Yes, my little angel is growing fast, so fast that it seems like yesterday when i was waking up every 2 hours just to feed her.

I just love her so much.

You can tell how proud I am of her. Honestly, I’m not expecting too much from her. I know that it is my duty as a parent to guide her and show her things but she is such an angel. I am the one learning from her, not the other way around. She is like my rock. She is so brave that she seems like the one I am leaning on.

I know when she grows up she wouldn’t run and kiss me whenever I came home or wouldn’t want me to hug her. We were once children so I know that there will be a phase that she would hate me.

I just hope when that time comes, she’ll know that I love her so much. It is not advisable but really, my world revolves around her. I know now that I can do so much, endure so much just for her. I think that’s what mothers do, right.

Well, I just want to flaunt my beautiful daughter. No words can really explain how much I love her.





14 thoughts on “my little angel

  1. thank you viveka.

    when i wrote this the other day, i was still in the office, and when i came home, my daughter have a high fever. didn’t sleep that night.

    my in-law said maybe she was jinx or whatever it is called, ’cause a neighbor of ours said that my daughter is so healthy and cheerful, which is true. i think it’s almost a year since she last had a flu or a fever. she’s such a healthy kid. and with that. she scared us with having a 39 temp. but she’s ok now. thank god. 🙂

  2. so true!

    children are really angels. i say that to my daughter every night before we go to sleep. she’s my angel.

    without knowing, our kids keep us in a straight path. 🙂

  3. yes. just one day scare. 🙂
    i said to my friends, at least i know her immune system is working. haha!

    i think it’s the weather. it’s the transition from summer to rainy season. so there are so many sick children with fever and flu.

  4. Kids just get fever … next day okay !! Haven’t had any kids myself – but I have heard friends talking about it.

  5. Aww no, she will never hate you. There might be a period where she’s just confused at the world and doesn’t understand some of the things you say to her, but that’s normal. We all go through that 🙂

    She’s such a cutie! Obviously not camera shy haha! 🙂

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