over a cup of coffee

over a cup of coffee

i’m not a socially inclined person, an introvert. maybe that’s why i like blogging and having friends online.

before, i can’t seem to understand people going to bars or coffee shops just to chat. it’s not that i don’t enjoy it, i just think that there is something more to life. i wish i have the guts to do something more, like travelling or discovering.

here’s a photo of what i’m doing (most of the time whenever i’m in a coffee shop) over a cup of coffee, or should i say frappe: reading an e-book of my fave author, patricia cornwell.


7 thoughts on “over a cup of coffee”

  1. There is wrong with being who you are. You might enjoy reading Quiet by Susan Cain. It’s about introverts written by an introvert. An introvert myself I learned some really interesting things.

  2. actually, i would never go alone in a coffee shop. i took this photo while waiting for my friends. (and i always bring a book ’cause i know i would have to wait for them for hours! haha!)

    i think i’m an introvert being a homebody and doing things alone, but there’s a part of me that i don’t want to be alone. ah, it gets confusing. haha! i just don’t like to party maybe. but whenever i threw one, my friends enjoy it. 🙂

  3. patricia cornwell – me like too .. but it’s a good while since I open any book to be honest. Too busy with blog and ???????? I quite like meeting up with a friend over a good cup of course and nice piece of cake – but it’s not something I do even once a week.
    Also have a lot of friends over internet – lived aboard for 23 years total … the net and Skype is the savoir for contact.

  4. yes, i miss reading too. it’s like past time become a luxury, really need to find time to read and finish a good book. 🙂

    she’s my fave author!!! 🙂

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