Philippine Independence: in the eye of a 21st century mother

Lupang Hinirang: The Philippine National Anthem Animation for Independence Day 2012

it’s our independence day. when i was young, there was the funfare celebration of the independence, ofcourse in school, it was very much celebrated. i remembered during the 100th independence day in 1998, my schoolmates danced a beautiful routine just for this event.

now, i think the independence that we know differs. we all know that we we’re conquered by so many nations and this day is to commemorate our independence. but do we really treasure our independence?

i don’t want to be talking about politics and all but personally, people are not really relying on our government. it’s like a plus if they did something. i mean, shouldn’t it be a norm wherein the government take care of its citizen?

i love my country. we have potential. i think we are still a young country finding its identity. separated by island, by beliefs, culture and religion, we have difficulty uniting. so free that we all have opinions and not really acting on it.

i just wish our government officials, since there are the one with powers to reach all Filipinos, have that one passion to serve and unite the people.

we have potential, really. rich in culture, beautiful nature and habitat, hardworking people, talents and skils… you know what i mean? we are busy working to sustain our necessities that nationalism are dying. i think. i want my daughter to treasure the sacrifices of our heroes. yes, we have modern day heroes, but we should never forget the ones that paved way to the freedom that we enjoy now.

love for the country. our national anthem’s last line says, “ang mamatay ng dahil sayo” (to die, for you). i hope that there are still Filipinos who’ll make it a vocation, like our heroes, to live and die for our country.


4 thoughts on “Philippine Independence: in the eye of a 21st century mother”

  1. I’m far from being the patriotic type, but that was really well said Charm.

    Do I hear a bit of Le Marseillaise in your national anthem? Or vice-versa?

  2. Excellent post – who trust politicians???? – made out the same stuff all over the world. Just looking after NO ONE, them selves so long as possible. Read an other post about your Independence and that you have been Spanish once. I thought you had been ruled by the French – so little did I know.

  3. we’ve been conquered a lot, may great grandmother once told us stories during the Japanese revolution. actually, nationalism here is kinda dying, maybe we still need to figure out our own identity, anyways, i grew up in a province and studied in a state university so the nationalism in me is still in bloom. ๐Ÿ™‚

    during our graduation, there is a motto/line to dare us, its “Serve the People”.

    i think, it’s not too late for us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. nope. i think it sound like that ’cause our anthem, or its lyrics is written originally in Spanish.

    whenever i here this, well, personally for me, i always remember the heroes. i’m far from being a hero myself, but i really respect their dedication and love for our country… ’cause i think i also see the hope and beauty of our country, well, i’m just too pre-occupied so my nationalism are just said or written i words not by acts. ๐Ÿ™‚

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