Manila Landscape

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June 2012: taken while in Sun Cruise


6 thoughts on “Manila Landscape”

  1. Was in Manila … 1979 – there was some skyliners already then – stayed at Manila Hotel, what a place. The man I worked for – he had the penthouse with the removable roof over the private pool … Great shots.

  2. wow! hope you liked your stay here. manila at that time was under marcos and they say it was so beautiful back then. unlike now, so much pollution, but the history is still there. πŸ™‚

  3. Yes, only stayed for 3 nights – but Manila was very dangerous in 1979 and got really told off by my boss when I been out looking at the town all by myself and so did the hotel manager. Didn’t notice any – there was a couple of men that asked me if I where lonely … and if I wanted company – but nothing else happen. *smile

  4. ah, yes, it was during the Martial law. I was thinking of the aesthetic beauty of Manila back then. I think the government has a priority on, you know, cleanliness and making of theaters… but yes, dangerous times. my grandfather was imprisoned by a few days because, i think, his friends was drunk and saying bad stuff about the government. nothing serious but, yes, those times for most filipinos are dark times.

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