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Revisiting the Past: Unspoken Heroes

“Everything happens for a reason. People die needlessly– But sometimes good comes from the hurt.”


this part in the museum touched me. sometimes we feel so sad, we wanna give up because we failed a test or have not enough money to buy shoes… but these are not just mere military-tags, these represents a few of a hundreds or millions who fought and are fighting for the freedom we take for granted. freedom should be one thing in our “blessings” list. freedom not only in the essence of nationalism but freedom of knowledge, to love, to choose, having that free will.

for those unspoken heroes and heroines, thank you for all the sacrifices.


2 thoughts on “Revisiting the Past: Unspoken Heroes

  1. A wonderful tribune to the forgotten and never known heroes and heroines – they are so many out there – and not only in war … there is many wars to flight out there. Fare too many.

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