Picture-less Post #2

hi. this is not a diary or whatsoever. just wanna write down what i’m thinking.

i’m at work now and thinking how i miss being in-love.

i don’t really like chick flicks. maybe because my experience in love is so limited and thus hating the fact that “why can’t it happen to me?!”.

anyways, i just remember edward cullen. not really into the vampire mania but, like mr. darcy in pride and prejudice, he is an ideal man. i kept thinking, why didn’t i met someone like that or why haven’t i met someone like that? is there really no existing man in this world who is as gentleman or as prince charming-like man?

i know i’m doomed but i wish there is a boy out there who is being brought up to be a good man and hopefully he’ll meet my daughter and they will fall in love, take care and grow old with each other.

my daughter is too young yes, but heck, it’s not to early too pray that in the future, my daughter will love and be loved in return. like any other parent, i don’t want her to be hurt. i’m thinking, what did my parents thought when i was heartbroken. that time, i was stupid to think, “ah they don’t care.” now, i know that they just let me learn my lesson (which by the way, i haven’t learned, haha!).

anyways, love. love is a vague term that can’t be expressed by any word or actions. you can just feel it.

ah, love. i miss being in love.

remind me not to watch more chick flicks and to stick with mystery, brutal and thriller movies and series so i wouldn’t think of such things. lol.



2 thoughts on “Picture-less Post #2”

  1. I’ve had the same thoughts, hoping my daughters find someone who will love them and treat them well. It’s not easy to let them learn their own lessons even now, much less when they’re adults.

    And – you are NOT doomed.

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