Bangon Pilipinas

As many of you know, last week, our country was bombarded with heavy rains causing massive flood within the metro. We experienced this almost 3 years ago but it was ’caused by typhoons. Last week, was affected only by the monsoon. I heard in the radio this morning, rain is a creation by God, by nature; but flood is caused by man. Our trash corrodes our drainage system.

Many of us think, when will we learn? We already know the answer, the solutions, but we don’t do anything about it.

Just a little light of hope, our weather system is accurate enough to predict and to warn people beforehand. so now, doing a little public service. There is another storm coming, Typhoon Helen. So people, be prepared.Β 

If you have emergencies, know these numbers:

If you have means, please donate or volunteer:

Here are some links:

We can do this πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Bangon Pilipinas”

  1. I’m sure that we humans has a big part in what happen to our Mother Earth, we just take and take .. of all her resources and give nothing back. We had an earth break here in Sweden … last week. I didn’t noticed anything, but 20 min away people said it was like a lorry had hit their house. 4.4 on the scale, not very powerful, but powerful for us Swedes, to get us out of bed.
    Don’t understand how people take hurricanes and tropical storms every year .. one after the other. Like in America. Was in New Orleans during the tropical storm Isidore in 2002.
    Hopefully it will slow down before it reach you.

  2. yeah, hopefully. some of my countrymen haven’t yet moved on form the last disaster then again, a storm is coming predicted to also bring heavy rains. but according to the news, it will only hit north of the country, so yeah hopefully it’ll just pass by. πŸ™‚

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