My daughter’s milestone: first day in pre-school :)

Pre-school. Nursery. Day care.

Yesterday, I felt one of the many fears of parents: letting your child learn and letting them go to explore the world.

I never expected my emotion or reaction yesterday. I thought that I’m gonna cry and all. But what I felt were: fear, being possessive, protective, anxiousness, happiness and being proud.

We’ve looked for a suitable school that is within our budget. It’s a semi-private school near our home which caters just a few hours a day to teach our children values and some basic education.


I think they’re only 10 in the class. My only goal is to have her explore her social skills.

When I saw my girl seated and the teacher asked the parents and guardians to go outside, I suddenly had a separation anxiety.

She’s only 3 yrs old, what if the teacher don’t pay attention to her? What if she’ll be alone, be bullied or aloof. What if she holds back and don’t interact. What i she can’t understand the lessons? So many what ifs!!! I’m scared that she won’t keep up since she’s late to enroll.

An hour of waiting and eavesdropping, they had a recess. And I see my daughter stumbling down with the other children since I have her snacks.

First hour was over and I feel her happiness and overwhelming wonder. She’s a good observant, this I know, and people keep telling me that she’s a smart kid, so when I saw her closely observing and acting to belong, I feel so proud.

My daughter is the kid in blue with a pink bag. Her uniform will arrive in Monday.

Playtime, she tries and think how to approach the other kids.

This time, she joins them, running around. πŸ™‚

I want to cry. I know I still need to homeschool her, I’m just so proud of her. She’s approaching, opening up to other kids. I pray that she’ll be a good student and learn all that is needed to learn and more!

Not only that, she got her first 5-stars!!!


Her second day was a bliss. Her nanny said she shared her snack to her new friend. I know I’ll always worry but I’ll try to teach and equip her to face the world. πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “My daughter’s milestone: first day in pre-school :)”

  1. My older daughter is twelve, and I still have the same worries, hopes, fears, excitement, anxiety, etc when I send her off to 6th grade every day. All the best – to both of you.

  2. Good for her .. it’s her first really step into her future … I like that kids go to pre-schools or kindergarten – so the learn to be with other kids. Good for them. Wish her good luck. They are so cute and adorable in that age.

  3. especially now that i’m ‘kinda’ a single mom. but still, i’m so proud of her. she always wake up. last night, she told me, “turuan mo ko ha, parang sa school!” (“teach me like in school!”)

    i guess every kid at this age is excited about school. πŸ™‚

  4. i think every parent will be. the instant a child is born, it’s a lifetime worry!

    my own mother told me that she worries more about me than my daughter. she said that my daughter are cared my many but who takes care of me?

    she made me cry. πŸ™‚

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