my little pre-schooler

my little pre-schooler


i can’t help but cry.

i have pre-schooler.

how time flies. it felt like yesterday when i was cradling you in my arms, knowing the woes of you cries, waiting for your first smile, your first laugh, your first roll over, your first crawl, learning how to walk, your first words.

you’ve grown so fast and i feel like i’m not that prepared.

now i’m becoming more scared and afraid. i don’t want to dwell on the “what ifs” ’cause i know i won’t enjoy the “now”.

i’m afraid to do wrong by you.

i’m so proud of you! many people are saying how bright you are, i know you don’t have a normal family but i’ll do my best to give what you needed and more.

i just pray that you put your good wit and be a good student. lol!

so witty you never fail to make me smile. i can’t tell you now ’cause like yesterday when i tried to talk to you seriously, we ended up laughing and crying.

with so many words, bottomline is, i love you so much.


you’ll always be my little baby

9 thoughts on “my little pre-schooler

  1. What a little star you have … cute and happy – you’re a good mum … she are a very happy little girl.
    Love her school uniform.

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