over ham, egg and pandesal

“He that but looketh on a plate of ham and eggs to lust after it hath already committed breakfast with it in his heart”- C.S. Lewis

our helper got me this breakfast: pandesal with ham and egg.  appropriate quote, right?! 🙂

… and these ignited my brain cells. LOL!

remember when i told you about that i got hurt/bump first before any bad thing happen? like a premonition and stuff?

well, today on my way to work, i clumsily slid down a walkway. i got bruised and a little sprain. and yes it hurt.

there were men walking after me and they don’t know if they’ll help me ’cause it seemed like i got hurt so badly. but in reality, i actually wanna laugh it out loud. hahaha!  i just thought if i laughed they might think i’m crazy or too embarrassed. lol! well i am!!!  not because i slipped, i’m embarrassed because i’m wearing leggings and i was thinking: did they did saw my butt fall down? RLOL!

one of the men told me so roll my feet in a bottle so it won’t hurt that much. i know what to do, but it gives me a sense of importance because this man that i don’t know, cares. 😀 (God bless him!)

the physical pain is nothing to me but the thought of “why didn’t i walk slowly?… i know it’s slippery because the grass is newly cut and wet and on a pavement that (i know for a fact beforehand) is  slippery…  why did i not slowed down?… I KNOW!!!”

yeah, it’s been bugging me from the moment i slipped until i got here in the office (i’m blogging again so don’t make me an example, not a good employee, LOL!). i always got that moment that i know something will or might happen badly.

before, i’ll stop, think, don’t act or don’t take a risk because of this so-called awareness but today i just don’t give a damn.

is it me growing up backwards? i’ve been so strict and been good a girl growing up that i forgot to enjoy. i seldom make mistakes. am i too empathetic that i know the feeling without experiencing it or i’m just to damn scared to be hurt?

i’m having a little self-assessment. ’cause now i found myself  that i just don’t care if i’m hurt then something bad will happen. i prayed to God, i know He’ll give a lot of trials, then so be it. just make my daughter healthy and bright and happy. i know i’m not in a position to make a deal with Him but, I know that I’ll go crazy if something bad will happen to my girl.

now, i’m accepting whatever it is on my plate. i don’t want to regret anymore. i just don’t want to regret anymore.

anyways, i’ll have more bump and bruises until i learned how to listen to signs. for now, i’ll be careful.

hmm… what’s with this ham and egg? makes me go realizing stuff… lol.

we all have that moment. 🙂

Take Care guys! God bless


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