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experiencing train ride: Filipino style

Two weeks ago, we went to Tutuban (a place in Manila where there’s always a sale and the prices are much lower compare to malls). We decided to travel via the PNR, route Bicutan to Tutuban.

I have taken this route before, like the MRT/LRT it was air-conditioned and was supposed to be more convenient cause its a direct travel, cheaper and faster. Unfortunately, it was a was a Saturday and people are off to work to malls and it was hot! So like any Filipino transportation system, it was jam-packed and the ac are not working properly. I must commend that there are only few squatters living near the railroads but still the view is not worth seeing. lol.

I hope the government invest more money and strategize more ’cause i know that our railway system were made to be efficient and once were the best in Asia.

I was scared to take photographs because there maybe a snatcher aboard (lol). Just sharing this experience with you.:)


2 thoughts on “experiencing train ride: Filipino style

  1. I love to travel with train … wish I could take a train everywhere .. so relaxing and loads of leg space – but it also depends of I can get a good seat. On our trains do we have free WiFI and regional buses too.

  2. here in my country, buses are starting to have wifi on-board. but our trains, mrt, lrt are not that advance yet. i hope our government do their jobs and really assess the priorities in our country.

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