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Post Halloween Thought

Halloween was confusing. All my life my parents said, “Never take candy from strangers.” And then they dressed me up and said, “Go beg for it.” I didn’t know what to do! I’d knock on people’s doors and go, “Trick or treat.” “No thank you.”
– Rita Rudner


one of the many ironies of life. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Post Halloween Thought

  1. Hope you had a good one …. we don’t celebrate as such up here .. even if it has come a bit more … of it. It is a Irish and Scottish very old tradition. To chase all the evil out of the house before the Christmas approach .

  2. I love Halloween because it gives me a unique opportunity to give children and teens God’s word. It might be a story that I wrote or a bookmark with a blessing using different names of God. Shame on us if we don’t use every opportunity to introduce people to Him. The treats are 3 pieces of candy and God’s message packaged in individual snack bags. This year a boy about 9 or 10 received a bag and said, “I know you. You gave this out last you and you have Scripture in it.” I told him he was right and this year I included a bookmark. When he turn to leave, he said, “God bless.” Precious. Sometimes God gives us what I call ‘sparklers’. Those are unexpected things that confirm that He is pleased with what we are doing. That young boy was my sparkler.

  3. oh. it’s my first time actually. we don’t celebrate Halloween per se, we celebrate the all saint’s and all souls day by visiting our dead relatives in the cemetery, a catholic thing.

    and honestly, i don’t like the month of november ’cause there seems to be so much evil lurking around. good thing, december is such a merry month! πŸ™‚

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