Picture-less Post #11: ungodly hour

it’s 12:36am.

seriously, i should stop blogging at past the hour. πŸ™‚

but i just want to thank you all who reads, understands…just being there knowing someone out there listens/reads. your concern soothes me.

i just want to thank you and that i’m kinda ok now.

one lesson learned though. never make a deal with god that you can’t handle.

i remember, i once prayed to him, give me any trials in life, any trial you know i can handle, just keep my daughter safe, healthy and bright, that i definitely couldn’t. i prayed i’m being honest to you now oh lord, just keep my daughter safe.

and he did. she is the only perfect part of my life right now. and it gives above beyond limits to live and smile.

again. thank you for just being there. you are greatly appreciated. thank you.



funny thing. i only had one boyfriend and of course i married him. my single girl friend started dating again, and i realized: i don’t know anything about dating! i know about friendship, but not dating. just a funny thought.

so naive of me. haha!

it’s not that i want to date, it’s just funny. i remember a friend lend me her book about an old maid who is pass her deadline but finds true love after dating so many frogs. i’ll tell it to you some other time.

i wonder what’s your thought about dating? how it differs the then and now?


7 thoughts on “Picture-less Post #11: ungodly hour

  1. I have never been good at dating either. I guess I just enter a relationship when I feel there is something special with the person. The difference with dating then is how Filipina’s used to be so quiet. It is given, I myself can’t pursue a guy because I like him. Now, some can propose to a guy. I was thinking, should I do that? Lol! Oh so many things I do not know about dating too. True love will just come, I just want to be still for now.

    More love to come your way Charm! β™₯

  2. love for you too! πŸ™‚
    i’m very concern by the way media or current generation sees relationships. maybe i’m thinking old school or as an idealist, i just hope when a person make a promise, they mean it.

    anyways, it ‘s just me. lol! maybe we should enroll in a class, dating 101. haha!

  3. Don’t worry … you have dating built in – when you’re ready, you will just do it without any deeper thinking. I think if you start thinking on that you don’t know how to date .. you’re have taken another step. Well done.

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