the a team

still at the office. i’m currently listening to Ed Sheeran’s The A Team.

and it got me thinking how many people struggle in life and how many ways we can choose to escape them — acceptance, facing it, suicide, etc.

it got me thinking about the times when i pray whenever i saw people in street who are in need; how help is an arm’s reach but they don’t even try to get it. or how we say, we’ll help but then hesitates when they’re right in front of us.

i have a very sympathetic heart but too weak to do something about it. i was on the way to the office when a beggar rode with us. i was sad how people reacted to him. the thought of children born in these situation is just appalling. i prayed that my daughter and future lineage won’t experience that hardship. my nanny was talking about yesterday how her son (in the province) won’t join their christmas party because there is a fee of  50php. approximately $1. instead of joining, they should just use it to buy food. i didn’t say much because i already gave her a something for christmas and to buy ticket to go home, to be with them.  it’s just sad how a kid of that age (i think his 10 or 11)  would think first of his family. when i was that age, i was already writing letters for santa. the awareness of their situation and other kids of his age take their riches for granted.

and to think that there are people who spend millions of dollars for their cats and dogs but not a penny to help other people.

sad reality of  life.

if i ever have more than enough, i wish i could give more. but for now, it’s enough for us. lord, i just pray that they all would have a miracle for christmas.

note: i really sound like a mom scolding her children. lol.


3 thoughts on “the a team”

  1. I agree in some respect with you – but animals that is badly treated … is very close to my heart, because the animals can beg for themselves – or sort their lives out by themselves, but humans can.
    But I agree that we should help more than we do more, that is why I together with a friend will work in a soup kitchen on Christmas Day this year.
    Some of the problems is up the humans themselves – to give them money isn’t any help .. it goes to drugs and alcohol. They need help from the ground, not for the moment – because when that moment is gone – they are back where they were.

  2. so true. before i give money to beggars, but i realized this won’t help them. a huge action is needed.

    that is so nice. soup kitchen. our government is so screwed up that they don’t have enough programs like that. but we have many NGO’s helping out specially during the Christmas season.

  3. I do it .. because I’m not a big fan of Christmas as such – and am really looking forward to do it. I think in all honesty that we think that Christmas is the hardest time for them – but I would say every day is hard and tough. So I should really help more often in the future.

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