Reader Appreciation Award

Reader Appreciation Award — 2012

Been busy with other stuff that I almost forgot to send my deepest gratitude to those who notice and appreciate my blog.

Thank you,The Wanderlust Gene for recognizing this blog of mine. 🙂

Please visit his site for stunning photos!


With this comes with some questions that I don’t really know how to answer. lol! So please bear with me. 🙂

Your favourite number?  23, 21, 6, 5, 9. don’t ask me why, i just like these numbers. lol!

Your favorite color?  i settled with orange! (although most stuff i own is with the color violet/purple, they’re complimentary. haha!) why orange? i read some article that a person that focuses/looks/see more on this color is smarter that someone whose fave is blue. hahaha! silly reason. but my friends know that orange is my color. hahaha!

Your favorite animal?   cats. 🙂

Your favorite non-alcoholic drink?  water and mango juice

Facebook® or Twitter®?   charmako.

Your favorite pattern?   ahmmm. i don’t know how to answer this. but the first thing that came into my mind is, stripes. hahaha!

Getting or giving presents?   definitely getting! hahaha! but i’m now old enough to give out. so i’m now more into giving than receiving.

Your favorite day of the week?   i don’t know. haha! 

Your favorite flower?   sorry. i don’t have one. i’m a girl but i’m not into flowers. i find anything white flowers, classy.

What is your passion?   becoming a good mother to my daughter. if this was asked of me before i have her, it’ll be a good person or serve the people or be an inspiration. right now, my passion in life is to instill good values, prepare her and protect my little girl. that’s my passion now.:)


Let me pay this appreciation forward. I have a Blog Roll page:

Let me specifically pass this to:





I’ll always be one of your readers!


Take Care!




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