PICTURE-LESS POST #14: updated bucket list

i have done three so far. i’m still young and i learned that i should aim higher, so i’m gonna add and update some things in my list.

created on 09/10/20120


1. write a book

2. have my own photo exhibit

3. plant a tree

4. see and wait for my daughter in her first day in school

5. go to disneyland

6. have a grand reunion with my barkada

7. wear a beautiful white gown in my church wedding

8. have a real honeymoon with my hubby

9. visit batanes

10. write a famous song

11. buy and design out own house

12. learn to drive

13. slap someone who flirts with my hubby

14. have a baby boy

15. create jobs for filipinos

16. for one of my birthdays, share my blessing to an orphanage

17. have my own bookstore

18. have small business, either a siomai house, a water refilling station or a fast food joint

19. debt-free!

20. go to japan to relax and explore!


updated as of 2013-01-04

21. watch a celine dion concert in vegas

22. watch my daughter graduate in grade school

23. paint something worth hanging in the wall

24. kiss someone (again) in the rain

25. watch ellen degeneres show, live!

26. have a dog or a cat


so there. i added six so far. the days our counting and life is rolling. in due time, i hope i can cross-out maybe not all but most of this.

you can write it also. πŸ™‚



3 thoughts on “PICTURE-LESS POST #14: updated bucket list”

  1. Woman … what a list .. hope you’re not going to do all this during 2013. Charm … put wedding and honeymoon … in the end of the list … and start live for yourself and – your daughter. Good luck with your list – will follow the progress.

  2. i made this 2010, i guess i won’t do this in order. πŸ™‚
    yes, i hope i can do this, but probably the one going to the US will not be as feasible at it seems. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m sure you will make some of your dream and goals come true – the longer the list the more you will get done, one my bosses always said that and if you achieve only half of it – have you down very well.

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