the 11th… so near yet so far!

my daughter teased be on new year’s eve:

“mommy gusto ko ng malaking bahay, wala ka kasing malaking bahay/mommy, i want a big house, ’cause you don’t have one.”

funny because a few years back, specifically Sept 10 2010 (here it is posted in Tumblr), i posted a draft of my bucket list. the “daily prompt: kick it” dared to say what’s the 11th in this list.


1. write a book

2. have my own photo exhibit

3. plant a tree

4. see and wait for my daughter in her first day in school –september 10, 2012, first day in nursery


5. go to disneyland –november 26, 2012, visited HK disneyland


6. have a grand reunion with my barkada- april 2012, went to camotes island, cebu and during our birthdays

mangodlong beach sunset

7. wear a beautiful white gown in my church wedding

8. have a real honeymoon with my hubby

9. visit batanes

10. write a famous song

11. buy and design out own house

12. learn to drive

13. slap someone who flirts with my hubby

14. have a baby boy

15. create jobs for filipinos

16. for one of my birthdays, share my blessing to an orphanage

17. have my own bookstore

18. have small business, either a siomai house, a water refilling station or a fast food joint

19. debt-free! – 1/4 free, lol!

20. go to japan to relax and explore!

i could go onโ€ฆ i just want to be happy and have a meaningful life.

i can do this!!!


have our own house. maybe this is a sign that i should risk to have this kind of stability. according to the hierarchy of needs, shelter andย belonging-ness is the 2nd in rank. people say that our current humble abode is too expensive for its taste (our community is kinda, how would i say this, crazy? not really safe) but it’s near the city or it is in the city, so i expected it to be just accurate. and time change, deflation rate increases. along our street, my rent is just average.

so i’m thinking, if only we could get a nice deal, maybe this year, i ย would risk to have my own.



4 thoughts on “the 11th… so near yet so far!

  1. Pretty interesting… i would like to say, invite me on the 2nd, 3rd is fun, would also want to experience the 7th, 13 is kick a** (yeah to girl power), will help you on the 15th, planning the same for the 16th, and still tring my best with 19th. Lol! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cant wait to see them all striked out ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. i added 6 more. haha!
    hopefully, in time, i could do them all. if not, i think i’ve started to live my life as i already cross-out 3 in 2 years (i should do it faster! lol!. ๐Ÿ™‚

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