Picture-less Post # 15: over fries and float

“di na nga kita mahal/i don’t love you anymore”

i don’t like having breakfast. even if we grew up getting up early for school with breakfast to start the day. i was never a morning person. lately i find myself getting up early or can’t sleep at all.

withdrawal syndrome.

like an addict, it’s been approximately 5 months since he decided to move out, over a year that i knew that he wasn’t committed. as a person who seeks to be love in return, stupid love as they say, i still wish that this was all a dream. but it’s not.

every day i wake up with my daughter’s feet on my face. yes, this is reality. it’s just me and her. and the only thing i can do to myself is to quickly accept it, move on.

action speaks, no, action screams louder than words.

i knew he doesn’t love me anymore. having hope is free, right. lol.

i never expected my reaction. i got up, and still bought french fries and float for breakfast.

this is the time i need some happy hormones and energy to work.

i’m doing this for months, i should be used to this.

being hurt over and all over again one becomes numb. yes, i’m kinda numb. i might cry tonight, but right now, i have a job to do. the only thing that keeps my daughter and i alive. πŸ™‚

the saying is true.: when you lost something, appreciate what you have more.Β 

life goes on.



2 thoughts on “Picture-less Post # 15: over fries and float”

  1. When tough times come, I find great help in realizing that my vision of the situation is limited. In other words, the good found in the bad circumstance is not visible to me. That’s where God comes in. I spend quiet time with Him. I ask Him to reveal His point of view. He does. That’s when I can see the bigger picture. Then it makes sense. Try it. See if this is true advice.

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