Pciture-less Post #16: miles to go

i keep on mentioning my love for celine dion. i’m in awe of her.

just want to share this song of her. this is my fave from her ‘Let’s talk about love” album.

we’re all still young and personally i’ve got miles of life-long journey ahead me, i know. and i plan not to regret anything. if i reach the age of 80 yrs old, i would look back and tell happy, sincere stories of my youth. i don’t know why i’m thinking of such things. there are many things that is running in my head right now. here are some:

– i hate our politicians. election is in may and some are an embarrassment to our country.

– i don’t like february. red is not love but hate. lol! i’m just being bitter.

– at last, i had an extra money to install cable tv, another added item to “my expenses”. lol.

– so many work, where to start.

– i badly need a vacation

–  i’m hungry. (literally at 10:23 am)

– fangirling for 1D, hahaha!

– i miss playing basketball

– need to find a dress for my daughter’s school princess activity

– she’s gonna be in private school next coming year, am i ready?!

– i’m such a hypocrite. i want to help some unfortunate people but i just walk pass them. when will i learn to stand for them?!

– i’m still hungry. (hahaha!)


life is too short for not learning anything but long enough to enjoy and make a difference.

i’ve got miles to go. we’ve got miles to go.


One thought on “Pciture-less Post #16: miles to go”

  1. Thanks for a great song … and your months account. Maybe you have some miles to walk … but you can only take one step at the at the time … so try to enjoy it.

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