a day to begin again

first, let me share this song, and yes, it’s time to begin again.



valentines day is not for lover’s only.

i dreaded this day would come. when the calendar hit Feb 1, i was stressed, wishing day after day, that this will just passed by. i dreamed that i will wake up and it’s march already so i would not put up with all the hearts, the love stories, the sweetness. i’mΒ sour-grapping.Β i won’t deny that i’m envious, because for the past 8 years, i wasn’t alone on valentines day.

I’m bitter, I feel that I have no one to celebrate this day with. because of this, i work myself out, going home at past the hours, my little girl waiting for me to come home, a selfish part of me.

but yesterday i forgot my treat to my daughter. i was so full of hate, “ah tomorrow is valentines and i’m alone”. immaturity struck me. i came home around 8pm (too early, i should be home at 5pm, lol) Β and my daughter is patiently waiting for me.

enthusiastically, she smiled and handed me a short bond paper– my first valentines card from my little girl.

i cried. a three-year old can do so much.

this made me realize that i wasn’t alone. that someone loves me. i kept pushing away people because i want a specific thing that i can’t have, which is a stupid thing to want/think. lol.

ah. she made my day really. she made my whole life complete. she made me realize that i’m moving on andwei have our whole lives ahead of us, so much love to give and to receive.

we can begin again.

this post is a little bit immature but heck, we celebrate “the love” day and love makes people stupid and crazy. lol.

sharing love to all! πŸ™‚

Happy Valentines Day from me and my little girl! ❀

let me kiss you!
let me kiss you!



9 thoughts on “a day to begin again

  1. I share your feeling dear Charm, Valentines day and holidays of lovers for me is the loneliest times of my year. But, Blessed are we to be in company of our angels huh? πŸ™‚

  2. yes, lucky for us, with our little angels, we celebrate valentines through-out the year!

    happy hearts day to you and your daughter! πŸ™‚

    planned something for your weekend together? πŸ™‚

  3. Don’t worry about feeling a bit immature, Charm. These emotions you describe are involuntary – we don’t ask for them, they just come.

    Anyway, I completely understand how you feel about your little sweetie. There’s nothing in the world more powerful than the love of a little girl.

    Valentine’s wishes to both of you!

  4. thank you Sid. yes, maybe i’m asking from myself too much.

    ‘coz of you, i just remember my parents, they texted me yesterday that they went to UP Feb Fair, it’s like a university fair with booths and rides. my mom told me they rode the ferris wheel. haha! they had their valentines date already. lol.

  5. hugs to you too. yeah, i first thought of taking her out to dinner but i know there are many reservations and people out tonight so i’ll just get a box of pizza, a cake and some dinner to go so we can celebrate at home. πŸ™‚

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