Picture-less Post #17: sacrifice and motherhood

it’s been quite a while since i last posted. been very busy. my nanny is now going to saudi arabia as a domestic helper. we dropped her off to the airport. her sister will be the one replacing as the nanny for my little girl.

i don’t really want her to go abroad. but i can’t give her the salary that she needed. you see, she’s a single mother of three. and two years from now, her eldest will go to college. it’s common in filipino families. i, for one, have also relatives who are caregivers in the US. there are so little opportunity here if you are not in the corporate world. i hate to talk about politics but it’s really a mess. i feel like our government are just puppets of the corporate world.

it’s funny ’cause i have so many relatives outside my country, but i find it hard to leave this country. maybe because i’m to lazy or scared to risk and i’m not ready mentally and emotionally. i don’t know. but we have the means. my other relatives had and have been travelling, not envious or anything, but i have too many things in my plate.

while we were waiting for her departure, i was thinking all the overseas workers who try their luck, risk their lives for their families are so overwhelming. her sister told me that her [my nanny] motherly inspiration is so much that she is willing to go to an unknown conservative place. she is not allowed to even bring a bible.

life really gives us so many trials and how we face them, how we decide to solve them differs.

i pray for her safety and that she will have employers that is nice to her.

take care guys. i’ll find time to post some of my new pictures. πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Picture-less Post #17: sacrifice and motherhood

  1. She is a hero, sacrificing herself for her family. One should only be proud of her and I hope her family feels the same way.

  2. sadly, before she left, her children didn’t want to talk to her and she also prefers it that way. i hope time flies for them so after two years they’ll be reunited again.

  3. My mom left when I was 8 years old and saw her 17 years later. That’s when I learned the value of time that you spend with your loved ones.

  4. Hi there Charm, I missed you! It has been a while since the last time we have spoken. I can relate to this post of yours. Just yesterday, my cousins’ husband left for Cayman Islands to work there. I guess 2 or more years, my cousin cried and I was fighting all the urge not to. I was actually able to write a short poem about how raw emotions are at the airport just to stay away from crying. Anyhow, I do hope Ysa’s previous nanny will have kind employers. The world is a big mess I have to agree, courage and faith are the only thing that moves us forward.

    Have a blessed day Charm πŸ™‚

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