through a song: My Fear

we all have fears. mine would be losing my self control and to push away all that is dear to me. i don’t really get angry that much. i think i said it before, i find it waste of time to be grumpy. but right now, i don’t knwo how to let it out.

i don’t want to dwell again and again about my failed marriage or the things in my plate [responsibilities that i shouldn’t bear].

blessed. that’s what keeps me going on. thinking that i am so blessed. even if i wanted something more, thinking that i deserve more, i still treasure what i have now, ’cause i am blessed.

i’m not religious or spiritual but i have faith.

my insomnia is back. it’s been two weeks since it started again. maybe i am just worried. yeah, worried. worried for something i don’t have a grasp on.

imagine catching a broken butterfly but then it flew not knowing if it healed or not. i’m worried about that butterfly.

thinking too much. 😦


One thought on “through a song: My Fear

  1. As you rightly say .. we have all our fears – the thing is to accept them .. and try live it them, because if we don’t they stop us from living a life that we could have – they will be standing in our way .. for so much. Really like the song – first time I ever heard it. Brilliant.

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