Very Inspiring Bloggers Award 2013

hi guys!
haven’t posted for a while. let me make it up by sharing some recognition that i got from you. 🙂

first and foremost, thank you for dropping by, for the likes and comments. it really made my day that someone listens. 🙂


Last January, I received my first recognition for 2013 from Angela (

Thank you Angela for this award! 🙂



1)   Display the award logo.



2)   Link back to the person who nominated you.


Please visit her page:  Angela’s World of Writing

It will inspire you and learn about life through her words.


3)   State 7 things about yourself

ehem. ehem.

1 – i’m turning 27 this summer. i still feel young 🙂

2 – a proud mom!! my little girl, at 3 yrs old, received her certificate as a nursery graduate. 🙂

3 – in paper = married, in reality = single mother

4 – i like to daydream (i think i said this before 🙂 )

5 – i like to collect bookmarks and stationary when i was young, now i collect old books from second hand/thrift stores

6 – i once wrote a fiction novel when i was in elementary but i burned it because i felt that i wasn’t a good writer. thinking back, it’s one of the stupidest things i’ve done. 

7 – lastly, hmmm… i like champorado (it’s rice with cocoa/chocolate topped with powdered milk) 


4)   Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

wow! 15! wait let me see. i have a blogroll but it’s not updated yet. 🙂

from now on, all recognition that i will get will be shared to those who are in my blogroll and to those who will like this post. 🙂


i don’t what to pinpoint specifically because i know all of you have great blogs! 🙂



thank you guys!!! 🙂

take care!



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