Picture-less Post #19: lenten thoughts

i knew this was coming. i’m amaze that i can hold on much longer. kinda vague, but don’t want to dwell on it, just want to share on how much patience and understanding i have. if i were a different person, i probably have left, hold a grudge, blame people or whatsoever. deep down i’m shouting, screaming, hating…

simple prayer

lord, i know i’m blessed. this holy week, i want to show my gratitude for letting me know that you’re there. i have a problem on communicating and expressing stuff. thank you for giving me strength. i know i’m not brave enough to face all trials.

but thank you for holding me, letting me know that i’m still your child. it is not only about me but from all of us who through your life are saved.

thank you again. amen.

i know after this, i know i have to seek professional help.


2 thoughts on “Picture-less Post #19: lenten thoughts”

  1. I think it’s a good idea to talk to somebody about what your are carry on – somebody that is not stand close to you. I did after my cancer treatments – and it help me, but it took a while. I’m happy for you that your have your beliefs and faith.

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