Through a song: As it seems


nothing’s really as it seems…


…on my relationship

we fought before. they wondered why i chose him. i just shrugged and said, i don’t really know but i was willing to take the chance and i took it.

it’s been months. he’s moving on. i’m trying and i know i’ve been stronger. its even harder to say out loud that i’m a single mother. with my smiles and actions… they can’t really tell that inside i’m broken. forgetting and acceptance is not easy task. it’s a daily ordeal.

with distance, realization strikes. it’s true that you’ll know the importance when it’s already gone. i know now why i chose him before… he just made me happy.


…on motherhood

i never thought i would be a young mother. although i already have a job. it’s hard but fulfilling. it’s so exciting that with a single blink nothing is the same. your child would learn something new, would say something terrific… he/she’ll just blow your mind away.

i had a fair childhood. it’s just so sad that i can’t give her that. but i’m trying. god, i love her so much! my daughter is my sole reason for living.


…on family

we would seems be normal but not. my dad is currently in the hospital. it only took one illness to broke his life away. i believe in miracles and his recovery is one i pray that be a miracle to us.


…on friends

it takes a huge crowd to fill a room with laughter but a few to fill your heart with happiness. i’m not really friendly. but i can say i have a few but all trustworthy friends. i miss them so much.


…on life

nothing really is as it seems. all we see is the tip of the iceberg. i just turned 27. i needed to list a new bucketlist. i’m still young. there’s still chances and opportunities. i hope i can grab one ’cause i now one is enough to change my life.


3 thoughts on “Through a song: As it seems”

  1. What a wonderful song …. so sorry to read about your dad … hope that he will recover and be home with the family again. Charm, you make yourself a new bucket list – because the old .. didn’t work .. so start of fresh. Make a bucket list for you both, mother and daughter … too.
    Love this post – so humble and so touching.

  2. thanks viveka… my dad is recuperating but the stroke got the best of him. yes… i’m making a new bucket list. 🙂

    thank you so much viveka… your comments means so much… really…

  3. I know the feeling regarding your dad’s wellbeing – just sitting by my mums bed and she hasn’t been well since Thursday … truly hard going – she 91 and age has taken out the best of her, but still I want her to be around forever.
    I love to see your new bucket list – when it’s ready .. don’t rush *smile
    Thanks for your kind words.

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