empty station


empty, pity, shitty
i’m sitting in a deserted train station

aching, wanting, panting
i’m alone thinking why, how, such decision

crushing, swearing, hiding
i’m praying that the earth will eat me alive to stop this aching madness

waiting, hoping, trusting
i still got a reason to live. one sole reason. one soul reason.

fighting, standing, moving
the train stopped. i need to get on, to move on.

empty, pity, shitty
how much i can bare, i know not. but i will stand and face he unknown till i reach my limitless limit or until i got no reason to.


2 thoughts on “empty station

  1. Sorry, …. the paste didn’t go as I wanted. That is truly empty … and you wording is just perfect … not a great place to be at, maybe necessary to be there.

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