Be informed: Philippines’ Financial and Projects Statements

Haven’t been posting for awhile. But I feel I’m oblige to inform you guys about this site.

This is about the controversial PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund)

What is PDAF? Read these first:

Then, in regards to this, the DBM (Dept of Budget and Management) release these information about to whom, to what, to where did the allocated funds go.


Go to the site:

I’m pro-SCRAPPORK, but making this available to public is an honest attempt or effort to change the system. The change in our goverment will not happen overnight. Let’s be realistic, have you seen the vastness of the country in terms of constituents? We need all to cooperate and make the change, not just one person. I appreciate the current President’s effort to make it up to the people. Yes, it’s politics. But it’s like choosing the lesser evil, he’s trying and trying damn hard to make a change. We may not always agree with him He’s trying to govern our country like raising prodigal sons and daughters.

I don’t always watch the news but I’m trying to be informed.


So here it is. Be aware people.

One don’t need to be educated or an analyst or a CPA graduate to see descrepancies in these reports.

I won’t pinpoint but I browse and search this site enough to see how corrupt our legistrators are.

There is still hope. Not all are eaten by the evil system, let’s hope that all will be better.


I am a Filipino citizen who for 7 years is paying my duly taxes. I was a government scholar and I’m thinking I’m giving back with the priviledge to have studied in one of the prestigious schools in the country. I concern with the needs and growth of our country. Hopeful thinking that in time, those who needs help will reach our to the government agencies and will be served well.


Be inform people.

Let’s learn to pay it forward.


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