Picture-less Post #23: then so it begins… again…

This is my first post of the year.

I don’t know what to expect for my year. Haven’t planned on anything, written any goals nor resolutions. Just taking time to appreciate one day at a time.

I’m participating in the 100 Days of Happiness campaign in Instagram. I’ll share them all here once it’s through.

Before the month of January end, I’ll try to fix my desktop computer so I can share with you some of my recent photographs (and old).

I promise to try to post and update this blog site with:

– some photo out of nowhere: https://charmako.wordpress.com/category/portfolio/

– weekly photo: https://charmako.wordpress.com/category/portfolio/weekly-photo-challenge/

– some personal sharing: https://charmako.wordpress.com/category/personal-2/picture-less-posts/

– songs that touched me: https://charmako.wordpress.com/category/personal-2/though-a-song/

and I will start another… about books.

So thank you for dropping by.

Hope to inspire again.


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