Picture-less Post #24: envy and reality

someone i dislike so much told me that  he had done the damage.

I don’t know if he really want to piss me off or he is just being his a** self. at first, I chose not to be affected by this because it won’t change the fact that he already did something that hurt me. And then I saw someone in the past. i begin to feel something that i shouldn’t… envy.

I consider myself a good girl. never been to fight, never did smoke, never did drugs. been in a good circle. i was a good girl. then something broke that streak. they say, one stupid thing can change once life.

i need to re-group my thoughts. there is one thing i do if something makes me sad. and it is to count my blessings. and i am blessed.

people carry different baggage. it’s weight is subjective. and the experiences in once life matters most.

can’t wait for the day to shine again.


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