What I wish I had

I had a family once
A father, a mother, a brother
Like a crawling dust
All had vanished.

My brother went to Neverland
Where no child grows up
Where everyone is happy
I envied him at some moments of enjoyment and gallantry

My fathet went to stars
Haven’t seen him shine
But I know he’s there
Among the billions stars at night

My mother.
That’s a different story.
She went somewhere but didn’t live.
A lifeless creature amongst the living.
Where did the dreams went to?

I did chose to have my own.
But like any other weak houses;
When a storm surges, the foundation breaks and washed ashore.
All that’s left are mere memories of hayward happiness and a little small doll.

I had a family once.
Didn’t know if I still have one.
Just a little small doll to keep me company.
Just a little small doll that in time will big enough for me to play with.
In time , I have to let go and let live.

I had a family once. Like any other tales it will end.
But I hope, time will tell my tale unwasted.



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