Picture-less Post #25: opinions

Before, I read the news to be updated on the current events and sort of a stress-reliever.

I’ve been to different places and I can’t help to compare. I think we Filipinos have good qualities and are fairly intelligent, happy people but are soft at heart.

We have so many issues from political, environment, social status, human rights, equality etc… We want a good manner of living but why can’t we be disciplined? I mean, in our everyday living, we chose to wait on the side of the road or highway for public transport yet there are assigned terminals for that. Our govt agencies keep saying that they are low on budget but us the taxpayers, dont feel any difference.

For instance, more the 3 years ago, the Dept of Energy raises the capacity problem in energy generation and upto now, there is no concrete plan in solving this problem. It’s the duty and service of the agency to see to it that there’ll be enough or improvement in this sector.

Our airports. How many years has it been that we top the worst airport?! I mean, we are promoting tourism, Makati has multi-billion high-end govt building but we cant do anything about the primary airport in the country?! I mean? Com’n people?! A little bit of common sense and prioritization?! Our airport is named after the president’s father but they dont assign productive committee or implementors in the renovation of the airport. I mean?! Argh?! Is it that hard? Megaworld, ayala, sm, built a city is a years time why can’t the govt see to it that the people responsible for this is doing their jobs? They want it at Clark, but they should consider the travel time due to traffic, unpretty scenery to Manila, it is unbearable?!

Traffic. We are the most patient nation. Yes, the metro is congested. But hell, they cant implement a united public transport law. Agh?! Mrt, Lrt, PNR? We have several options, useable railway system but its not that maintained and can not handle the number of commuters.

These are only few nerve racking, brain swelling problems my country has. this is mainly in the metro.

Sorry for ranting. I love my country, but I think, there will be no heroes that will be written in our history books in this era. The nationality and love for country is dying. We are commercing for the new age but we forget about to “serve to people”.

I understand, I am a hypocrite for I choose to serve my family than to help solve these. Little things I can do. Rant. Follow the law. Pay my taxes.

I hate it. But this is the world we live in.


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