Picture-less Post 26: on commute

We don’t have a car so I take a commute to and from the office. And with my everyday journey, I see different people.

Waiting over an hour, I saw a mother trying to calm her son. He’s maybe a year old or so. I suddenly miss my daughter. Its hard to travel with a kid. Waiting for hours in long lines, hungry, humid, hot… Poor kid. I was like that before. So I tried not to bring my daughter out. Or if ever we have to travel, I make sure to have enough for taxi.

I gave them my fan. Well, goodbye my handy-dandy fan. I hope in the short while, he found comfort in that. πŸ™‚

We waste so many time, energy and patience. Hope those who can ease the traffic in my country, well, do something about this problem. I think it is an effect of having a ‘growing’ or ‘developing’ economy. I rather spend time with my daughter teaching her things than being stuck.

Just some thoughts. my feet hurts. I wanna go home!!!


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